A close-up of a row of vintage tractors

Committees & Chairpersons

People Committees

  Name Phone
Registration Kristy Peternell 320-894-0259
Shuttle, Outside Greg Fuchs 320-250-7025
Shuttle, Inside Kory Wieber 320-492-3084
"Spotters" are needed to ride on each of the people wagons.    
Camper Parking, Inside Gary Pilgrim 763-516-3556
Camper Parking, Spectator Brennan Shay 320-293-3412

Music Committees

  Name Phone
Saloon Music
(Old Tyme/Blue Grass)
Brenda Hawn 320-249-4829
Flea Market Bill Johnson Sr Virgil Aleshire
Flea Market Virgil Aleshire 320-533-0305

"So that's how it was done on the farm" Committees

  Name Phone
Corn Shelling & Grain Threshing Tom Skudlarek 320-249-7513
Corn Shelling & Grain Threshing Darren Eisenschenk 320-249-6774
Lumber Sawing Gary VanHeel 320-260-7209
Gas Engines Rick Notsch 320-324-2573
Gas Engines Joe Karsten 320-324-7278
Water Wheel Leo Skudlarek 320-260-5973
Miniature Land Dwight Kohout 320-248-2926
Miniature Log Cabin Pat Schmitz 320-597-2092
Scale Models Steve Theilke 320-492-1394
Petting Barn Jeff Wenning 320-249-7099
Shingle Mill Gary VanHeel 320-260-7209
Blacksmith shop Mary Lou Zitur 320-746-8161
Flour Mill Craig Thielman 320-249-4587
Rope Machine Mike Arens 320-453-2822

Events Committees

  Name Phone
Garden Tractor Pull Jeff & Will Mortenson 320-339-5071
Parade Greg Fuchs 320-250-7025
2024 Gas Engine Feature Rick Notsch 320-288-8923
2024 50th Anniv, Prairie Tractors Peternell's  

"For Your Dining Pleasure" Committees

  Name Phone
Popcorn Stand Cari Anderson 763-291-2980
Preshow Meals Sheri Schmidt 320-250-8114
Ice Cream Making/Ladies Bldg OPEN  
Malt Stand Jolene Kotten 320-333-2140
Hamburger Stand John Kulzer 320-492-3365
Worker Meals/Arban Church Shirley Schmidt 320-845-4170
Worker Meals/Arban Church Diane Noll 320-224-9616
Breakfast/Saloon Greg Fuchs 320-250-7025
Non-Profit Food Groups Sheri Schmidt 320-250-8114

"Down Main Street" Businesses and Community Life Committees

  Name Phone
Print Shop Jerry Revermann 320-837-5838
Corliss Building Eric Hawn 320-746-2394
Church Diane Noll 320-224-9616
School House Mary Skudlarek 320-746-2315
Ladies Building Lorene Deford 320-250-0585
Ladies Building Kirsten Vouk 651-263-5666
General Store Ali Kruger 320-282-6768
Souvenir Shop Heather Eisenschenk 320-493-7586
Raffle Ticket Sales Donna Doll 320-293-4270
Raffle Prizes Ken Ritter 320-241-1640
Safety Patrol Chad Brannen 651-271-9618
Ladies Restrooms Cari Anderson 763-291-2980
Men's Restrooms John Doll 320-290-8390
Flea Market John Achmann 320-573-1996
Non Feature Tractor Parking Joe Peternell 320-250-3289
Memories from the Past Bernice Caruth 651-426-2256
Showbook Editor Terri Nohner 612-716-0824
Silent Auction Donna Doll 320-293-4270
Local/Radio Advertising Natalie Kohout 320-250-2283
Dealer Tractors, SXS, Golf Jeff Mortenson 320-339-5071
Construction Display Bob Peternell 320-293-3340